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Who Uses Our Products

Our Vetario products are used by a wide variety of people including veterinary surgeons, wildlife centres and animal breeders. We will add to this page as we gather stories from our customers. The stories posted so far feature our previous Vetario and Brinsea TLC models - if you would like to contribute a story or information to our page please contact us and we will do our very best to include you.

RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife Hospital

The RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife Hospital in Somerset has been using a Vetario S20 intensive care unit  to care for a range of injured, stranded and orphaned wildlife. David Cooper the resident vet was delighted with the intensive care unit, ‘The unit is ideal for fox and badger cubs, particularly for recovery after surgery’.  The other benefits that were important for the hospital was the ease of cleaning and the oxygen and nebuliser connections which, although unlikely to be used often, would be valuable in treating birds with respiratory infections in particular.


Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Secret World wildlife Rescue is a 24 hour wildlife hospital that focuses upon the rescue, rehabilitation and release of orphaned and injured British wild animals. They are a small, yet highly efficient charity that rescues up to 3,000 animals each year ranging from the tiniest bats and harvest mice to hedgehogs, otters, badgers, foxes, swans and deer. Secret World relies entirely upon charitable donations to be able to continue their vital work with British wildlife. Animal care work is carried out by professional staff assisted by a team of invaluable volunteers. Theyaim to provide the highest standard of care possible for every creature that comes into their Centre.

'Our aim is to relieve the suffering of injured and orphaned wild animals that cannot help themselves. I believe that every living creature is entitled to the best possible chance of survival through receiving the care and rehabilitation it requires to make a full recovery before returning to the wild.' Pauline Kidner, Founder.

'Thanks to generous donations from supporters, this year, we have been able to buy 8 intensive care incubators. The Brinsea TLC 4 brooders have helped to save hundreds of lives this year already. Tiny orphaned baby animals ranging from badger and fox cubs to hedgehogs, squirrels, bats and fledgelings have taken up residence in these brooders during their most vulnerable times in our care. The Brooders have provided the perfect environment to enable these helpless little creatures to thrive. Orphans are unable to regulate their own body temperature, so it’s vital that they are kept at a constant temperature that is easy to monitor.  Staff at Secret World take turns to become surrogate mums to all manner of orphaned animals in need of care. These babies need round the clock care, meaning they must travel to and from work with our animal carers…luckily the TLC 4 has a convenient carrying handle and is light weight making it easy to transport.  

'Gale' the badger cub was the first orphan to arrive at Secret World in January 2002. After torrential rain and flooding, “Gale” was lucky to be alive…at only 24 hours old, she was hypothermic and very weak when a farmer discovered her in his field. “Gale” was rushed to Secret World where she was placed in intensive care in one of our new brooders. This tiny little cub needed the temperature keeping at a constant 38°C and we began a strict regime of hourly feeds throughout the day and night. Unfortunately, 'Gale' suffered a set back when she developed pneumonia and had to be rushed into our vets. She urgently needed oxygen, but would not tolerate wearing a mask. Brilliantly, our vets managed to construct an oxygen chamber by feeding a tube into the TLC 4 brooder and within a week, 'Gale' was back on the road to recovery. Gale was given a teddy bear to keep her company as she didn’t have a mum to snuggle up to! Before long, she was joined by 'Wincey' and 'Drizzle' who also shared the brooder with her. When she was fully recovered, 'Gale' was successfully released back into the wild.'

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