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Cleaning and Disinfecting Vetario Units

We have come across a small number of instances of plastic parts of the Vetario Intensive Care Units becoming degraded, becoming brittle and breaking due to the action of some powerful disinfectants. To avoid this please don’t use disinfectants containing alcohol and take care that all traces of disinfectants or cleaning agents are rinsed away with water after cleaning, especially around the hinge screws. We are working with our suppliers to compile a list of recommended disinfectants which don’t cause this degradation and we will circulate this list when it’s available.

Disinfecting tip - make sure that disinfectant is thoroughly rinsed off plastic parts after cleaning and avoid alcohol based solutions.   


We have one Vetario T40M available through our clearance department - this will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. The price below includes VAT and delivery and it comes with one year guarantee. This product has minor marks and cosmetic imperfections. It has been checked over and serviced before sale.

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Please call 0845 226 0120 if you are interested in purchasing this clearance model.

Please note we occasionally have Vetario models for sale via our Clearance Department  - please contact us for details.

Safety Advisory Notice - Important

As part of our ongoing development program for veterinarian oxygen therapy units we have identified a potential fire risk in certain models of TLC and Vetario. Models affected are not the current Vetario models but the older Brinsea TLC-4M and TLC-5M, Vetario S10 and S20. We are actively investigating the level of risk and potential solutions but in the meantime we advise the following:

Only use the TLC or Vetario intensive care unit EITHER with oxygen OR with power connected, not with oxygen and mains power connected simultaneously.

The risk involves the increased potential for combustion associated with elevated oxygen concentration levels but it is safe to use the units as a warming chamber without oxygen or as an oxygen chamber with the electrical supply to the product disconnected.

There have been no incidents or problems reported to us but the potential harm that could result from a fire in the presence of high levels of oxygen is extremely serious, hence our decision to issue this advice. Please ensure that all users of your Intensive Care unit are informed of this advice. We will contact you again in the near future with the outcome of our investigation and any action that may be required.

Note that current Vetario S40M and S50M models are not affected by this advice and can continue to be used in both oxygen and heating modes simultaneously.

If you need any further information please contact sales@brinsea.co.uk or 0845 226 0120

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We have one Vetario T40M available through our clearance department - this will be sold on a first . . .


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